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About Mark on Madison

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This industry is in my DNA..... Beginning with my grandmother crafting and selling high end human hair wigs, followed by my father’s barber shop and now here I am continuing the blood line to make three generations of passion for hair-this is part of my Dna!

I have been a hairstylist for 19 years and hair extensions were not a service I focused on until my girlfreind began to get them. We were constantly disappointed with the experience, the hair quality, the time it took and the money spent. All that aside, I realized quickly it was actually all about the way the extensions made her feel, smile and become confident. Once I made that connection my passion for hair extensions was born.  Having perfect extensions can positively change one's self- image and confidence, because it gives that smile that  SHINES when she sees herself with all this extra or longer hair. The desire to create this to give this to my clients took my skills as a hairstylist to another level.

Like everything I threw myself into, I began to extensively research and educate myself on hair quality and sources, techniques and the overall process of hair extensions. While time and efficiency is the key, it is crucial to deliver a safe and proper technique to my clients. We never want to damage her natural hair. The final important factor is hair quality! I’m very pleased to provide an excellent source of hair through a small company in Russia that I’ve worked hard with to develop a great business relationship. I am thrilled that our fellow extension artists will have the pleasure to experience working with such a high standard of product- Not to mention how happy it will make their clients!

Now that you got to know me, let’s get into the education!

Thank you and have a great day!


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