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Mark on Madison

Hands-on Elevate Class

We curated the handtied education courses based on our two core values: Efficiency in Application Time and Keeping the Client’s Bio Hair Safe. The technique that we use in our classes gives our stylists the skill that earns their clients’ full satisfaction while they achieve their hair goals!

We focus on Elevating, Innovating, and Collaborating through our Hands-On and Virtual Courses. We do not only certify you; we make you an Expert!

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Hands-on Elevate Class With Mark on Madison Team

Hand Tied Extensions Elevate Course Powered by: Mark on Madison™️ gives you in-depth teaching through a one-day & supervised hands-on training. We provide an exceptional education curated by our Expert Educator and get the following benefits:

  • Identify the right candidate for hand tied extensions that is already your current client
  • Mark on Madison™️ will show you how to sample hair extensions applications while removing all the uncertainty & myths about hair extensions to clients in your chair. (the service sells itself once you do this)
  • Learn hands-on application - The Mark on Madison™️ Mindset Approach
  • Shaping, blending, color matching, & rooting of both the extensions and client's own hair
  • A system for Pricing hair extensions services
  • Removal and re-installation of extensions
  • Client's at-home care, frequently asked questions and troubleshooting.
  • For0 $549, you get yearly access to the course with new methods and education behind the chair. You can renew your subscription for $199 after a year.
  • Receive all the videos on everything you learned from Hands-on course and more.
  • The $549 fee is inclusive of a Starter Kit to for your hands-on practice and demo (Hair Extensions not included)
  • - Starter Kit consists of 2 hand-tied wefts for PRACTICE hair, Mannequin with clamp, Pliers, Sewing Scissors, Beads,Loop, Sewing thread and Needle, & Mark on Madison™️ education booklet,& certification

Learn everything you need to know from the method that we use that will surely bring success to your career. We will give you a system for a killer consultation approach where no selling is necessary; instead, your client ultimately sells her hair needs, and you become the solution to her problems!

Elevate Your Skills || Innovate Your Techniques Behind the Chair || Collaborate with Your Co-Artists

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